Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hallow longing served only by lackless persistence

Unachievable, my happiness; so vividly unclear

Wants and desires contrary to genuine need; pursued without effort that may exceed cerebral means

Confused assurance of self-owned ailments precede an unused, assumed cure

Assertive desire to alleviate my thoughts; taunting and mocking they chase me, they trip me, they tie me to myself

I'm irrational,yet I make sense. I am found in being lost. I barely get by

A life coasts before me as I cruise control my mind

False self-worth, false self-confidence, falsely self-assured... False SELF

Accusations of my own ghosts, haunting hypocritical words; spoken of my jealous tongue

I run, I can not hide; I distract, I still haunt my own mind

Assess, diagnose. Internalize, fear

Fear loss of my excuses as actions demand me

Consequences deemed unbearable; reality, unfathomed

A destiny seemingly uncertain in the mythical hands of joy

My fears fulfilled in anguish seem inevitable

Feast my comfort food, default to my soul's misuse

Forgive me? Too kind; undeserved. Unexpected

Excuses, my glue, barely hold together the most broken of souls

I am broken

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